Will Gambling Ever Rule the World?

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Will Gambling Ever Rule the World?

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Published by Puntersure Tips in Survey · 9 May 2022
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There is no doubt that gambling has taken over the world. Whether it’s in a casino, at the racetrack or on your phone, people are always looking for their next big win. And while some may see this as a negative trend, I believe that gambling can and will rule the world. Here are three reasons why:

1) Gambling is exciting and fun. Who doesn’t love the thrill of betting on something and watching it come to life? From roulette to horse racing, there are endless possibilities when it comes to gambling games. And with so many different platforms available these days (including online casinos), you can gamble anywhere, anytime.

2) Gambling generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. This money goes back into local communities and helps support important services such as education and healthcare. In fact, according to one study conducted by Oxford Economics USA, gambling generated over $415 billion globally in 2016 – more than tourism or oil!

3) Gambling creates jobs. The gaming industry employs millions of people worldwide and is only growing larger each year. In fact, recent studies have shown that for every job lost in traditional retail due to online shopping malls etc., two new jobs are created within the gaming industry! So not only does gambling provide entertainment for millions of people around the globe; it also supports thousands of families financially through employment opportunities.

Will Gambling Ever Rule the World?

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