How to Sell Football Predictions to a Skeptic

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How to Sell Football Predictions to a Skeptic

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Published by Puntersure Tips in Football Analysis · 10 May 2022
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There's a reason people are skeptical of football predictions – they're often wrong. But there's also a reason people are willing to pay for them: because when they're right, they can be incredibly profitable.

If you want to sell football predictions to a skeptic, you need to first convince them that your record is good. Show them past results and make it clear that you have an edge over the competition. You can also highlight some of the factors that go into your predictions, such as player injuries, weather conditions, and recent form.

Once the skeptic is convinced that your predictions are worth buying, explain how you plan to deliver them. Will they be sent via email or text message? Will they be posted on a website or blog? Make sure the customer knows what to expect and how they will receive their information.

How to Sell Football Predictions to a Skeptic
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