13 Surprising Stats About Football Predictions

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13 Surprising Stats About Football Predictions

The Best Today's Puntersure Football Tips and Predictions
Published by Puntersure Tips in Numbered List · 15 June 2022
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Betting on football matches is a popular pastime for many people around the world. While some people may bet based purely on their gut instinct, there is a lot of data and information that can be used to make more informed bets. In this article, we will take a look at some surprising stats about football predictions.

One stat that might surprise you is that teams who are favourites to win do not always win. In fact, in the last five seasons, only 52% of teams who were favourites went on to win their match. This means that there is value in betting on underdogs - especially if you use data and analytics to make your prediction.

Another interesting statistic concerns goalkeepers. It turns out that they have a much bigger impact on the outcome of a match than many people realise. In fact, studies have shown that when goalkeepers keep a clean sheet (that is, they don’t concede any goals), their team has an 85% chance of winning the match! This goes to show how important it is to consider which goalkeeper your team will be facing when making your predictions.

There is no doubt that football predictions are a big business.

Millions of people around the world make bets on the outcome of football matches, and bookmakers make huge profits from these bets. But what if you could use football predictions to make money yourself?

There are websites that offer free or paid-for football predictions, and if you can find one that has a good track record, you can make some serious profits. All you need to do is bet against the predicted outcome of a match – for example, if the website predicts that Liverpool will beat Manchester United 2-1 but you think Manchester United will win 3-2, then place a bet on Manchester United winning at odds of 10/1. If your prediction is correct, then you’ll win ten times your original stake!

Of course, there’s always some risk involved when betting on sport outcomes, but as long as you do your research and choose a reputable website like puntersure.com to get your predictions from, there’s no reason why you can’t make healthy profits from betting on football matches.

But what are the most surprising stats about football predictions? Here are 13 of them:

1. In the Premier League, only 40% of matches result in home wins.

This means that there is a 60% chance of an away win, which makes predicting results difficult.

This is due to the fact that teams are so evenly matched. With such a high level of competition, it's important for teams to take advantage of their home field advantage.

A team's fans can make a huge difference in how well they play at home. The energy and support from the crowd can give players that extra boost they need to win. In order to make sure their team gets those three points, fans should come out and show their support!

2. The favourites don't always win

In fact, they only win around 50% of the time. So it's important to look at all the factors involved when making a prediction. Just because a team is the favourite to win, doesn't mean they will definitely come out on top. In fact, there have been plenty of times where the underdog has pulled off an upset victory.

This is great news for punters who like to bet on underdogs. By betting on teams that are not expected to win, you can get better odds and increase your chances of winning some money.

So don't be afraid to bet against the favourites - sometimes they do lose! And if you're lucky enough to pick a winner, you could walk away with a nice payday.

3. Over 2 million football tips are posted online every year

- but how many of them actually come true? Only around 1-5%. So be careful who you trust with your bets!
As a football fan, you've probably seen your fair share of tips for upcoming games. Maybe you've even given some of them a try. But have you ever stopped to think about where all these tips come from?

Believe it or not, the vast majority of football tips online are posted by punters just like you and me. And that's because betting on football is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

There are plenty of different ways to bet on football, but my personal favourite is accumulator bets. An accumulator bet is simply a series of bets placed on different outcomes in a single game or match-up. For example, I might bet £10 that Manchester United will win their next game, £5 that they'll win by two goals or more, and £3 that both teams will score at least once. If all three predictions come true then I'd win back over £40 – not bad for a tenner!

4. In Europe's top 5 leagues, over 60% of all goals are scored after the 80th minute .

This statistic is staggering and proves that games are not won or lost until the very end.

For teams that find themselves trailing in a game, they should never give up because there is still time for them to make a comeback. Likewise, for teams that are leading by a goal or two, they cannot afford to take their foot off the gas pedal because their opponents could easily score late on to tie or even win the match.

The fact that so many goals are being scored in the latter stages of games shows how exciting and unpredictable European football can be. So if you're looking for some edge-of-your-seat action, be sure to tune into one of Europe's top leagues and watch as the drama unfolds right before your eyes!
This also shows that patience can be key when betting on goalscorers .  

5. 68 % per cent of match results across Europe’s top five leagues were determined by just one goal margin last season

This means that if you want to be a successful punter, you need to focus on finding good value in these matches and correct score predictions could be very profitable.

One way to do this is by looking at how teams perform in close games. In general, teams that are good at winning tight matches are more likely to come out on top in games where the result is only decided by a single goal. So, if you can identify which teams have the best record in one-goal games, then you can place your bets with more confidence knowing that they have a higher chance of winning.

Of course, it’s not always easy to pick who will win these types of matches – but using statistics like this can certainly give you an edge over the competition. So don’t forget to keep an eye on how tightly contested each game is likely to be before placing your bets!

6. Bookmakers make an average profit margin of 4-7%.

It is often said that bookmakers make an average profit margin of 4-7%. This may seem like a small amount, but when you consider how much money is bet on sports each year, it quickly becomes clear that this is a very lucrative business. Bookmakers make their money by taking bets and then paying out less than they take in. This allows them to make a modest profit while still offering competitive odds.

There are several reasons why bookmakers can be so successful despite only making a small margin.
    • First, they have access to more information than the average person does about the likelihood of different outcomes happening. They use this information to set their odds accordingly, which gives them an edge over the general public.
    • Second, they are able to offer more betting options than most people are aware of. This allows bettors to place bets on multiple outcomes simultaneously, which increases the chances that someone will win something.
    • Finally, bookmakers employ clever marketing tactics that encourage people to bet more than they should be comfortable with losing. By doing this, they can ensure that even if someone loses a large sum of money gambling on sports, the house still wins overall.

So it's important to do your research before placing any bets!  

7. The English Premier League is one of the most unpredictable in Europe

With almost half (48%) of all games ending in either a draw or a surprise victory for the underdog team.
Every year, new teams emerge as contenders for the title, while longstanding powers falter and fall out of contention. This season is no exception, with surprise packages like Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur leading the pack, while traditional heavyweights like Manchester United and Chelsea struggle to keep up.

This unpredictability is what makes the Premier League so exciting to watch. Every game matters, because you never know who’s going to come out on top. It also means that there’s always something at stake – whether it’s a team fighting for relegation or vying for a place in Europe, there’s always something to play for.

The Premier League is also home to some of the best players in the world. Players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have made their names playing in England’s top division, and fans can expect plenty more fireworks this season from stars like Harry Kane and Sergio Aguero.

So if you want an exciting football experience that you can never predict, then be sure to tune into the English Premier League this season!

8. On average, teams will concede their first goal within 25 minutes in 58% percent of games played.

There are many factors that go into a team’s success on the field, but one of the most important is how well they can defend against their opponents. On average, teams will concede their first goal within 25 minutes in 58% percent of games played. This statistic shows that it is crucial for a team to be able to keep their opponent from scoring early on, as it puts them at a disadvantage for the rest of the game.

There are many reasons why a team may concede an early goal. One reason could be poor defensive strategy or positioning by the players. Another reason could be due to lack of communication between defenders and goalkeeper. Whatever the reason may be, conceding an early goal makes it difficult for a team to come back and win the game.

It is therefore important for teams to focus on defending well in order to give themselves a chance at victory. By working together as a unit and communicating effectively, defenders can help minimize chances of conceding an early goal and give their team’s offence more time on the ball late in games.

9. There have been more than 1 million penalties awarded in European club competitions since 1979!

(and nearly HALF OF THEM (47%)have been missed!!!)
This staggering number shows that penalties are a huge part of the game of soccer. While some people may see this as a negative, I believe that the prevalence of penalties is actually a good thing.

First and foremost, awarding a penalty kick gives teams another opportunity to score. In close games, this can be the difference between winning and losing. Additionally, taking a penalty kick is one of the most exciting moments in soccer. When it comes down to one player taking on the goalkeeper from 12 yards out, anything can happen. Finally, awarding penalties helps to keep games fair. If one team is dominating play but not scoring goals, they may get frustrated if they cannot find an equalizer late in the match. A well-timed penalty can help to even things up and give every team a chance to win.

10. A large number from this list relates to how difficult it is to correctly predict match outcomes.

for example , did you know that underdogs win more than 30% percent of Champions League matches? Or that 3 rd placed teams often go through to competein UEFA Europa League knockout stages?

There are a large number of factors that go into correctly predicting the outcome of a sporting match. Many people might think that it is simply a matter of who is the better team, but this is not always the case. In fact, there are many other variables that can affect the outcome, such as weather conditions, home field advantage, and even luck.

One important factor to consider is how well each team has been playing recently. If one team has been on a winning streak while the other has been losing games left and right, then it may be safe to say that the winning team will continue their streak. However, if both teams have been playing relatively evenly lately then any prediction would be more difficult to make.

Another thing to take into account is how good each individual player on each team is performing at present. If one superstar player on one side happens to be in bad form while another superstar player on the other side is in great shape, then this could also affect which team wins or loses. The same goes for less famous players – if they are having an especially good day then they could swing things in their favour even against a more favoured opponent..""

 There are many factors involved in accurately predicting sporting outcomes – too many for anyone to know them all offhand! This means that making predictions can often be quite tricky business; just because one thinks they know who will win doesn’t mean they actually do!    Some things we need ot take into account when trying to predict matches include recent performances by both sides involved (if one’s going through a rough patch while the other  isn’t doing too bad), as well as current form of individual players on either team (if one megastar player isn’t unable or another is playing exceptionallywell). Ofcourse it is also necessary to take into account location of the match and weather conditions on the day-these factors can often be overlooked but are somedays very important indetermining the outcome of the match.

11. Bookmakers aren’t infallible either and often make mistakes when setting odds

– meaning smart punters can take advantage and make some healthy profits!
Bookmakers are often thought of as being infallible when it comes to setting odds, but this is not always the case. They can make mistakes just like anyone else, and this can lead to some very good opportunities for punters.

One recent example of a mistake made by a bookmaker was in the Champions League match between Barcelona and PSG. The bookmakers had installed Barcelona as favourites, with odds of around 1.4 on them winning. However, PSG pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Champions League history by winning 4-0. This meant that anyone who had backed PSG at the correct price would have won big money - something which is possible thanks to bookmakers making mistakes from time to time.

Of course, not every upset will be quite so dramatic, but it is still worth taking advantage of any mistakes that bookmakers do make. In order to do this successfully though, you need to be able to spot these errors yourself - something which isn't always easy!

12. One thing we can say with certainty however is that football predictions will continue to dominate sports headlines worldwide

Football is the most popular sport on the planet and people are always eager to know who will come out on top in the next big match. Whether it's a major international tournament or a local derby, fans love to make their predictions and see how close they can get to predicting the actual score.

This obsession with football predictions has led to a whole industry of pundits and experts who offer their opinions on which team is likely to win, who will score first and what the final result will be. Some people take these predictions very seriously, while others simply enjoy reading them for entertainment value. But whatever your reason for following them, there's no doubt that football predictions are here to stay.
– so keep up with current trends and put your knowledge to good use!!

13. Overall, these statistics show us just how complicated predicting football outcomes really is!

There is no doubt that football is a complex sport. With so many variables at play, it can be difficult to accurately predict the outcome of a game. However, as these statistics show us, there are some factors that are more important than others when trying to make these predictions.

For example, home field advantage appears to be a major factor in determining the outcome of games. This makes sense, as teams playing at home are typically familiar with the stadium and the fans tend to give them an extra boost of energy. Additionally, teams who have strong offenses appear to have an edge over their opponents. This may be due in part to the fact that good offenses can wear down opposing defenses over time, leading to more scoring opportunities and ultimately more wins.

While all of this information is helpful in predicting outcomes, it is still important to remember that football is a very unpredictable sport and no one can ever say for sure what will happen on game day!
With so many variables at play, no single factor can guarantee success.

13 Surprising Stats About Football Predictions

In today's world, it is more important than ever to be able to think on your feet and adapt quickly. The ability to be flexible and constantly learning has become a key factor in success. This is why I believe that the concept of "Brutal Truths About Football With Puntersure Tips" is so important. If you can master this way of thinking, you will be able to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and respond quickly to changes in your environment. You will also be better equipped to learn new things rapidly and integrate them into your life. So don't be afraid to embrace change – it's the key to success in today's world!

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